Insurance Products

Comprehensive insurance protection for commercial property like buildings, plant & machinery, furniture, office equipment & stocks-in-trade from the risk of fire or other perils like explosion, riot, storm, flood or water damage.

Key benefits :

  • Customized description of the insured property
  • Advice on basis of sums insured
  • Inclusion of relevant extensions into the policy cover
  • Advice for Business Interruption cover including increased cost of working cover
  • Quotations for Industrial All Risks and Large Single Risks insurance
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To protect your home and its contents with a single policy.

Key benefits

  • Cover your house building and contents against fire, lightning, flood, theft and other natural disasters.
  • Protect your home contents including TV, laptop or others against accidental damage.
  • Cover on damages to building and belongings resulting from water damage due to flood, storm or bursting/overflowing of water tanks and pipes.
  • Option to buy a separate protection plan for your personal belongings worldwide such as jewellery and watches , anywhere in the world.
  • There are guidelines to help you determine how much to insure your house and contents.
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To safeguard you and your family’s medical needs against rising medical costs.

Key benefits

  • Continuous and uninterrupted access to medical care and protect against rising and unexpected medical expenses.
  • No partial payment for your medical bill as long as you stay within your eligible room & board limit.
  • Access to medical care when you need it most, especially in your retirement years.
  • Hassle-free cashless admission into panel hospitals (with the use of a medical card / app).
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To protect against damage and theft of your car and liabilities towards Third Parties.

Key benefits

  • 24 hour hotline service for car breakdown and towing services.
  • Provide 6 months warranty for all repairs.
  • Option to extend coverage for flood, landslide or damage from riot/strike.
  • Option to extend coverage for windscreen with easy claims and no impact on your NCB.
  • Option to cover passenger liability risks.
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To protect you and your family or your employees against accidents and injuries.

Key benefits

  • Provide 24 hours and worldwide coverage.
  • Pay for accidental death or permanent disablement whilst traveling on a public transport, traveling overseas, or as a victim of snatch theft/robbery.
  • Pay medical expenses resulting from accidents up to the insured amount.
  • Extend protection to your family.
  • Policy can be customized for corporate clients.
  • Other PA insurance products available : Group Personal Accident, Individual Personal Accident and Student Personal Accident.
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To provide the best possible protection for your fur kids (cats & dogs only).

Key benefits

  • Veterinary Fees and Surgical Fees
  • Death from Injury or Illness
  • Burial or Cremation Costs
  • Advertising and Reward Costs for Recovery of Missing Pet
  • Boarding Kennel and Cattery Fees while you are hospitalized
  • Third Party Liability
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To ensure businesses have adequate protection against the risk of being sued.

Public Liability Insurance protects you from legal claims in connection with your business for:

  • Accidental bodily injury or illness to persons.
  • Accidental loss or damage to property.
  • All costs and expenses of litigation recoverable by any claimant against you.
  • Other liability insurance products available :
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Error & Omission
    • Directors & Officers Liability
    • Management Liability
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To provide you with peace of mind when traveling.

Key benefits

  • High Personal Accident cover for death and disablement.
  • Pay your medical and hospital expenses incurred overseas due to accident or illness during your travels.
  • Pay for loss or damage to  your baggage, including personal items.
  • Compensate you for irrecoverable travel and accommodation expenses as a result of trip cancellation due to serious injury or illness to you or your immediate family (travel insurance must be purchased at least 14 days before your trip).
  • Cover you for emergency transportation and medical care to the nearest hospital.
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We also provide insurance solutions for :

  • Construction (Contractor’s All Risks & Erection All Risks)
  • Cyber Risk Insurance
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Industrial All Risks & Large Single Risks
  • Machinery Breakdown (including Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profits)
  • Marine Insurance
  • Plate Glass
  • Terrorism
  • Workmen’s Compensation / Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme
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