About Us

DOMAIN MANAGEMENT is currently managed by Lawrence Hie and Susan Lim, who are both directors of the company. The professional credentials of the management team will reveal that we regard professional qualifications to be of utmost importance to give our clients the confidence in our services.


  • Chartered Insurance Practitioner
  • Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute – United Kingdom ( FCII )
  • Fellow of the Malaysian Insurance Institute – Malaysia ( FMII )

LAWRENCE HIE has more than 35 years of experience in the insurance industry including being a broker for 6 years and an underwriter for another 6 years.


He has been active in the teaching of insurance subjects for the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) as well as being an examiner for the Insurance examinations. He was also a speaker for MII Conference for General Insurance Agents as well as for various talks organised by the Institute.


Apart from organising conferences and conventions, for several years, Lawrence has been very actively involved in the Committee within MII that looks into the Education, Training & Development for General Insurance Agents. He was the Organising Chairman for one of the past MII General Insurance Agents National Convention which saw an attendance of almost 1,000 agents and other representatives from the insurance industry.


Lawrence has, on several occasions, been invited by several large insurance companies to give talks to their marketing and management team.


  • Chartered Insurance Practitioner
  • Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance – ANZIIF ( Fellow ).
  • Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute -United Kingdom ( ACII )
  • Associate of the Malaysian Insurance Institute – Malaysia ( AMII )

SUSAN LIM has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. She has been an active contributor in the educational activities of the Malaysian Insurance Institute. She was involved in the rewriting of the MII Examination text-books as well as in the setting and marking of examination papers.


Susan is a past recipient of the Certificate of Commendation, an award under the National Excellence Award for General Insurance Agent, awarded to her at the Malaysian Insurance Industry Dinner in recognition of her professional standing and contribution to the insurance industry.

With over 30 years of insurance experience, DOMAIN MANAGEMENT has built up a business portfolio that is stable and growing. By giving our clients excellent services and professional assistance in the management of their insurance needs, we have many long-term clients who have been using our services for close to 30 years.

DOMAIN MANAGEMENT has three main categories of clients : CORPORATE, NON-CORPORATE & INDIVIDUALS.


Every client is important to us and gets personal attention from our account executives and directors. Our clients have a high level of trust and confidence in us as we exercise the highest level of discretion with our clients’ information that may be disclosed in the process of managing the insurance policies and/or handling claims documents.


DOMAIN MANAGEMENT acts as an Insurance Management company for many corporate clients from a cross-section of industries and businesses. The company’s clients include many public organisations that are listed in the main board and other boards of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. We have many SMEs/SMIs and retails businesses that use our service as well.


We have close working arrangements with several larger & commercial-risk oriented insurance companies.

The services and benefits we offer to our corporate clients can be summarized as follows:-

  • Professional Advice on Insurable Business Risks
  • Custom-Design Insurance Programme
  • Cost Effective Arrangement
  • Cut Down on Paper Work
  • Claim Assistance
  • Periodic Reviews

In short, as an Insurance Management company, we function as an independent Insurance Department within our clients’ organisation by providing experienced, qualified and trained personnel in the handling of their entire Insurance Programmes. This, therefore, allows our clients to focus more on their own business operations and goals.


Our non-corporate clients enjoy the same services as our corporate clients. Some of these are NGOs like religious organizations, embassies, societies, associations and professional firms which include legal firm, architectural firms, emigration consultants, real estate brokers and other firms that offer professional services. Although their insurance requirements may not be as extensive as manufacturing and trading corporate entities, nevertheless, they require professional insurance services to ensure that their interests are well protected.


Apart from corporate and non-corporate clients, DOMAIN MANAGEMENT also has many individual clients who buy personal insurances for themselves, their family or their home. We have a special section of our business that caters for individuals. Insurances like Private Car, Houseowners / Householders, Personal Accident, Golfers, Health & Travel insurance are readily and easily obtainable from us. We provide the same attention and services as we would for any corporate or non-corporate clients.

The services and benefits offered by DOMAIN MANAGEMENT to our corporate clients are as follows :


    We provide professional analysis and recommend risks that can be suitably insured at a reasonable cost. We also work with professional insurance risk engineers to help clients identify risk hazards in their workplace environment.


    We make a study of the insurance requirements and carefully draw up an Insurance Programme specially designed to the organisation’s requirements taking into account the business activities, company’s products or services, budget, future plans and other important factors.


    Since we handle a large portfolio of insurance business, we are placed in a better bargaining position to negotiate competitive premium and insuring terms from the insurance companies.


    We handle all insurance administration and documentation by direct liaison with the insurance companies. We work towards ensuring that all insurance documents e.g. policies are received on time and are correctly documented.


    At the time of a loss, professional help will be required. We provide advice on claims procedures and assist in the claims documentation. Thereafter, we ensure that the claims are correctly and promptly paid by the insurance company. In short, we smoothen out the claims process.


    After having arranged an Insurance Programme, our services do not end here. We continually monitor the Insurance Programme through periodic reviews with the client. Such reviews are important as the Insurance Programme may need to be revised/upgraded in accordance with the client’s latest business activities.